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CLICK HERE if you are a LOGic user looking for the LOGic SUPPORT page.


Want to see how easy it is to run LOGic? Grab some popcorn and watch the new instructional videos, hosted by Dennis, your tech support guy. They're sort of amateurish, and certainly won't win any Emmys, but they will get you up and running and using LOGic's many features in a hurry.

Just pop the LOGic CD in your computer. You may even watch the video as you use LOGic. Pause the video to try out what you just learned. Enjoy LOGic, ya''ll!

You may watch the first section "Quick Start" on YouTube. It will show you how to set up LOGic and log your first QSO. Please make sure you are watching in the 480p resolution. We recommend switching to full-screen mode.

  • Heavily-illustrated printed manual and comprehensive online help. Frequent downloadable updates keep LOGic current with today's technology.
  • Instructional videos get you up to speed quickly. Accessible from the LOGic CD or our website.
  • We're here to help. Contact us by phone or email.
  • Remote assistance via the internet. We can log onto your computer to illustrate how to do something, or fix a problem.
  • And perhaps LOGic ’s best feature is that it is a professional quality product. Not only does it have many features, but these features are well implemented -- easy to use, reliable, and fast!
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