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LOGic's open architicture permits developers and advanced users to extend LOGic or utilize its features in their applications.

LOGic's Active-X Common Object Model (COM) interface gives complete control over LOGic. For instance, it takes only a few lines of code to add a QSO to LOGic, or read the values that the user entered. You may turn the rotor, read the rig, etc.

A scripting language with a robust SQL implementation can be used to extend LOGic's reporting or contesting ability, or write data manipulation utilities. We use this facility ourselves for some of LOGic's features -- the utility that removes duplicate QSOs from the log is an example.

Cat control is complicated.
CLICK HERE to see the final product.
  • Active-X interface allows controlling LOGic from other programs. A Visual Basic example is available here.
  • Full scripting language allows advanced users to write utilities and functions. Structured Query Language (SQL) is included.
  • Interactive database command facility for mass changes that are too complicated for the GUI Mass Change facility, and other database manipulation tasks.
  • ADO driver for accessing LOGic's data from other applications. Click here for an example.
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