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For the ultimate in station automation, LOGic interfaces to up to eight radios, providing auto logging, remote control, and auto spot QSY. All radios are active simultaneously!

All popular radios are supported.

LOGic's radio control panel.

LOGic's rig interface provides the functionality expected in a logging program -- automatic logging of frequency, band, and mode, and setting the rig to incoming spots. Additionally, its control panel supports tuning of the rig using keyboard or mouse clicks or mouse wheel, setting of mode and filters and control of VFO A/B and split (rig control features implemented by LOGic may be limited by the capabilities of the rig used).

A radio memory database provides unlimited memories for any radio interfaced to LOGic. It comes pre-loaded with many interesting frequency databases, including amateur beacons, Aero, Marine, Railroad, NOAA, FEMA, GMRS and more.

For the ultimate in rig control, including remote station operation, LOGic integrates seamlessly with the TRX-Manager rig control program.

TRX Manager intergrates seamlessly with LOGic.

LOGic's Rotor control provides auto rotor selection based on band. Any or all rotors may be aimed simultaneously, with separate offsets for each rotor. Automatically aim phased arrays, or turn an unused beam 90 degrees with respect to the active beam to minimize coupling. Up to four rotors are supported.

Automatic band switches are supported.

Rotor Control Head.

  • Radio interface with logging and remote control. Up to eight radios may be active simultaneously, each associated with a different log form. Most computer-interfaceable radios are supported.
  • PTT using serial or parallel port. Can share serial port with radio.
  • Antenna rotor support with graphical control head. Supports up to four rotors simultaneously. Auto selection based on band. Automatically aim either or both antennas with adjustable offset--perfect for decoupling adjacent antennas, or rotating multi-beam arrays. Pinpoint-accuracy for headings to US stations based on the included ZIP code database.
  • Band switch support.
  • CW Keyer using serial or parallel port. Can share serial port with radio.
  • Integrates with optional TRX-Manager for ultimate rig control (TRX-manager not required for rig interfacing).
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