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Please try our software. If you have any difficulties installing or running our demos, please contact us.

download the LOGic demo


SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:  A system running Windows 7 or later, 2 gb or more RAM recommended.

.Net Framework 4 is required. This is already installed on most machines.  If you get a message about needing .Net Framework 4, get it here.

CLICK HERE to view some quick start videos available on YouTube.

If you need assistance, please contact tech support.

Here is how the demo varies from the actual product:

  • The LOGic demo is limited to 50 QSOs.  If you add more than this, you will be asked if you want to delete some QSOs to put you under the limit.
  • You cannot change the latitude and longitude to your QTH (for DX and direction calculation). 
  • The LOGic registered version  includes a PDF manual.  However, the demo help file includes the information needed to operate the program. You may download a PDF version of the manual here.  The LOGic registered version includes the complete FCC and Canadian callbook.  This feature is available in the demo as a separate download.  Install the demo, then click tools/internet.
  • The demo includes some dummy QSOs so you can use LOGic's many features without having to enter your own data. The demo QSOs are deleted automatically after you enter enough of your own QSOs to go over the demo limit, or you may delete them from LOGic's Tools menu.
  • The demo QSOs will not export in ADIF format.  This is to prevent them from accidentally being uploaded to the Logbook of  The World. If you want to test LOGic's LoTW or ADIF export features, enter some real QSOs of your own.
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