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LOGic's DX spotting feature collects and manages spots from up to two TNCs, two Telnet sessions, DX Summit,  & DXScape.

Announcements are generated not only for needed DXCC, but for zones, continent, WPX prefix, IOTA, and grid squares.

Spots may be plotted on LOGic's gray line map to graphically illustrate global propagation. Filtering permits you to ignore spots based on any criteria--for example, band, mode, or even the country of the station posting the spot or his distance from you.

The Alerts feature displays and announces spots of interest regardless of awards progress status. Use to watch for a DX friend, for example.

Descriptive announcements are given in voice. For instance, "Tango Five on ten meters CW" or "IOTA oscar charlie zero one five on 20 meters phone". Conventional CW announcements are also available.

Spots and alerts may be emailed to you -- great for monitoring activity on your cell phone or pager. Email may be sent for alerts only, notifying you only of highly-desirable spots.

The spot log is coordinated with LOGic's info center, Previous QSO display, Memberships display, callbook, and LoTW Users database, so you may see all info about the station being spotted at a glance.

The test spot generator makes it easy to simulate the reception of any spot to test your spotting or alert setup.

  • Unsurpassed packet cluster spotting - spots not only unconfirmed DXCC countries, but also zones, prefixes, continents, and anything that can be determined from the callsign. Also IOTA and grid square.
  • Integrated with LOGic’s subaward™ feature.
  • Process spots simultaneously from two TNCs, two Telnet connections, WebCluster, & DXScape.
  • Voice or CW announcement thru soundcard.
  • Worldwide DX activity plotted on world map. Explore the map with your mouse to see popup information about DX spots and the station spotting them.
  • Alerts feature displays spots of special interest in their own window.
  • Powerful filtering feature displays only the spots you want to see, based on band, mode, distance of station posting the spot, or any other criteria.
  • Powerful search feature easily finds any spots of interest based on any search criteria, using simple fill-in-the-blank query form.
  • See information about station being spotted, including DX, Direction, memberships, LoTW User indication, local time, maps, weather.
  • eMail needed spots or alerts to your cell phone or pager.
  • Test spot generator.

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