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LOGic includes dozens of reports for log reporting, awards tracking, QSLing and mailing, MRC, and even gray line and beam heading charts (in case you are ever forced to operate without LOGic by your side)!

QSL cards and labels are provided for all popular stock, including label printers with Windows drivers. Reports with multiple QSOs per label/card are provided. Print address labels, return address labels, or complete envelopes -- anything your printer will feed! County hunter MRCs may also be printed.

You do not waste labels when printing a partial sheet. Simply feed the same sheet back thru your printer the next time you print labels. LOGic will ask how many used label positions to skip.

Multiple QSLs per label.

LOGic's report writer prints beautiful QSL cards. You may even design your own card with a photo background. (If you prefer electronic QSL cards, LOGic fully supports Logbook of the World and eQSL, with easy one-step upload and download.)

Customize LOGic's reports or write your own using a desktop publishing-style interface. Select fonts and colors, use line drawing tools, and print graphics or photographs. Print on any form or label size.

Use the WYSIWYG report writer to design your own custom QSL card.

  • Dozens of reports provided for logging, QSLing, awards progress, gray line, beam headings....
  • QSL cards & labels, address labels & envelopes, and return address labels.
  • Multiple QSOs per label or card.
  • Skip label positions to not waste labels on partially-printed sheets.
  • Preview to screen.
  • Log reports.
  • Contest and awards reports.
  • Customize our reports or write your own using LOGic's unsurpassed graphical report writer, which features a desktop publisher-like what-you-see-is-what-you-get interface.
  • Use the log reports that are included with LOGic, or customize them, or make your own.
  • Use any size stock supported by your printer.
  • Color, graphics, line drawing, photos, and TrueType fonts make stunning printouts.
  • Export report data in many common formats.
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