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  1. How much is LOGic?
    LOGic is only $36.00. When you order LOGic, you will receive 12 months of free, downloadable upgrades.
  2. How many computers may I install LOGic on?
    You may install LOGic on any number of computers owned by you. Your LOGic license also covers spouses and children age 21 or younger. When ordering, please specify your call, and the call(s) of family members. Also include any previous calls used.
  3. What is the update policy for LOGic?
    Upon purchase of LOGic, you are eligible for 12 months of free downloadable updates. The purchase date is based on the day your order is processed. When that 12-month period is up, you may sign up for another year of downloadable updates for $36. That's only $3 a month for major and minor updates! With this change to the update policy, you will no longer have to wait years for major upgrades.

    This pricing is available to users of any LOGic version, as well as new customers.
  4. After my year's update subscription has expired, must I renew to continue to use LOGic?
    No. You may continue to use the latest update from your subscription indefinitely.
  5. What are the new features of LOGic?
    • Band map
    • Serial port access, sound card support, and LOGic's CW keyer have all been improved and rewritten in Microsoft's new .Net development platform.
    • New Calculated Fields feature in Awards Tracking allows you to create new fields from existing data. Good for tracking FFMA, CQ Field etc.
    • Progress form now displays associated QSOs.
    • DirectX sound for voice keyer playback and Spot announcement and voice keyer.  Full control of volume and sound card selection.
    • New serial port status display shows all serial ports in use and which ones are used by LOGic.
    • Sharing of serial ports has been simplified.
    • OmniRig is now supported.
    • Yaesu FT-5000 Rotor is now supported.
    • CW Keyer has been rewritten to make it practically immune from lags from processor overloads.
    • CW Keyer speed change commands and pause commands may now be embedded in function keys, compose windows, or in the live keyboard typeahead. These features are supported by LOGic's internal keyer and the WinKeyer interface.
    • Map has been completely rewritten in .Net, using Windows GDI+ technology for sharper graphics to take advantage of hi-def monitors.
    • States are now spotted.
    • Spot log downloading and processing has been rewritten for faster and smoother operation.
    • Cabrillo export formats can now be configured by the customer.
    • The touch help for user-defined fields now shows not only the description, but the comment from the list table.
    • Memberships and awards info downloads have been updated to accomodate various other organizations' web site changes.
    • DX and Direction is now calculated on the fly rather than being stored in the prefix table.
    • The callbook form now has a button which displays all QSOs with the station being looked up.
    • Callbook Batch Update allows throttling or setting a maximim number of QSOs to be processed. This is to work around web sites that limit activity.
    • LOGic's SMTP client (for emailing spots and sending LoTW info to HB9BZA's LoTW Users's database) now supports custom ports and secure SSL connections.
    • Dedicated Elecraft K3 driver

This list is not complete. An extended explanation of the new features is available in the LOGic Lines newsletter, version 9.
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