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LOGic's membership database keeps lists of stations who are members of organizations such as 1010, SMIRK, FISTS, etc. You can see at a glance all organizations  that a station belongs to when you log it, or when it is received in LOGic's spot log.

Suppose you are working a station on 15 meters, and see that she is a 1010 member. LOGic lets you know  that you have not worked her on 10 meters before, and you need her state on 10. You ask her to QSY, and pick up a new 1010# and state!

Membership number, as well as name if provided, is logged automatically. This is perfect for Net Control Stations. Auto-logging may be done conditionally -- for instance, the 1010# is logged only when operating on ten meters.

LOGic will update its memberships database via the internet from organizations' web sites. If your organization has an online memberships list that is not currently included in LOGic, we will add it. You may also enter menberships lists manually, then export to share with other LOGic users.

The memberships database also contains the HB9BZA Logbook of The World users database, updateable from the internet. It includes over 45,000 entries, and is growing daily, thanks in part to LOGic, which can automatically send your confirmations to be added to the database.

  • Memberships database feature for organizations such as 1010, SMIRK, OMISS, FISTS, county hunters, etc.
  • Automatic display of station's membership info when logging.
  • Auto logging of membership data. Great for the NCS!
  • Awards tracking for membership.
  • Many lists updateable from internet.
  • Internet-updateable Logbook of the World users database lets you know instantly if a station your work is a LoTW user.
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