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LOGic incorporates a robust contesting system that features real-time scoring and duping, which is exceptional for a general-purpose logger.

LOGic keeps contest QSOs in the same database as the rest of your QSOs, using a contest identifier and dates to separate contest QSOs when scoring or exporting. Having contesting integrated with your main logging system has two big advantages. Firstly, progress status for DXCC and other awards is available just as when doing normal DX logging. A station down in the mud that may take some time to work may not be worth the time for another point or even a multiplier, but a serious paper chaser will want to know if this station would increase his totals. Secondly, since previous years' contests are stored in the same database, LOGic automatically logs contest exchanges using previous QSOs!

LOGic's contest logging facility utilizes LOGic's custom log forms feature to provide user-setup for nearly any contest. You may specify the rules for scoring and duping. However, LOGic comes with about 75 contests already set up for you, and more are added to our web site regularly.

Sweepstakes log form. One of LOGic's many contest forms.

LOGic has partial-callsign lookup, a feature that is common in dedicated contesting programs. Download and import any of the popular callsign lists. However, LOGic carries busted call lookup a big step further. In addition to searching against a list of known contesters, LOGic may be configured to additionally search any or all of the following: your log, LOGic's spot log, LOGic's memberships database and LoTW Users Database, LOGic's callbook, and LOGic's QSL Routes database (both managers and managees).

The busted call lookup feature need not be used only for contesting. Use it while DXing, operating NCS, or just rag-chewing.

Busted call lookup.

Programmable function keys automate exchanges when operating CW or digital modes. LOGic's voice keyer saves your voice in SSB contests.

LOGic is fully networkable and multi-user for multi-station operations. Standard networking hardware is used.

Cabrillo export for contest log submission is fully supported with easy user-configurable record layout.

For contesters who prefer to use a dedicated contesting program, LOGic is ideal for after-the-contest QSL management and awards tracking. LOGic imports from all popular contest software.

  • Awards tracking active during contest operation.
  • Real-time auto duping and scoring.
  • Real-time display multipliers needed & worked.
  • Busted-call lookup searches not only a downloaded list, but spots, your log, memberships database, callbook database, and LOGic's QSL Route list.
  • Includes setup for for over 75 contests, with new contests added regularly.
  • Set up nearly any contest yourself with user-definable scoring, multiplier, and dupe criteria.
  • Auto log of exchange info from prior contests.
  • Voice player thru soundcard saves your voice.
  • PTT using same port as radio, or parallel port.
  • Smart function keys for digital and CW exchanges.
  • Cabrillo export.
  • Fully networkable and multi-user.
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