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Automated LoTW and eQSL upload.

Automated LoTW and eQSL download.

After importing your data from LoTW, click a button to email your log for inclusion in HB9BZA Logbook of The World users database. This database contains over 45,000 entries, thanks in part to LOGic.

  • Auto login to LoTW & eQSL server.
  • Automated one-step LoTW & eQSL export/upload.
  • Automated one-step QSL retrieval and log/awards progress update from LoTW and eQSL.
  • Separate tracking of paper, LoTW, and eQSL QSLs and awards.
  • Specify which awards and subawards accept LoTW QSLs.
  • Track all eQSL awards.
  • Automatically downloads eQSL QSL cards and stores them in LOGic's picture logging facility.
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