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LOGic's electronic callbook feature far surpasses anything else on the market. Not only does it provide support for the usual commercial CD-ROM and Web-based subscriptions, it formats data from callbook web sites so that it may be utilized by LOGic.

Additionally, LOGic includes a built-in database which is a compilation of all callsign databases available via the internet. This super-fast database is so fast it may be used while contesting. You may update it while online, and access it when you are operating mobile or portable and not online.

Web Callbook Setup

FCC callbook lookup.

Perhaps the best feature of LOGic's callbook is the ability to automatically search multiple databases and web sites until the call is found. This search is done intelligently -- LOGic will not search a US database for a French call, for instance. You may specify that a database is comprehensive for the country in question. For instance, if a US call does not exist in the FCC web site database, it is not a valid call, and there is no use in searching further. (Manual database selection is provided for looking for expired calls).

You can specify the order in which LOGic searches the databases. For instance, you may specify LOGic's internal database is to be searched first, since practically no waiting is involved. Putting the FCC and other countries' government web sites next will search for calls not in LOGic's internal database. Then you may put QRZ.COM after that, and so forth.

Web sites are processed in background so that you may continue to log while waiting for a response from the web site. The data to be logged will pop into the log when it is returned.

Unattended batch mode updates imported data.

Advertisements from commercial sites such as QRZ.COM are displayed to comply with fair usage standards and to keep these valuable sites available for future use.

  • Auto lookup and logging from several online internet callbooks.
  • Built-in super-fast callbook. Updateable from the internet.
  • Support for popular CD-ROM callbook databases and online subscription databases.
  • ZIP code database provides grid/county/WX/precise beam headings for all US callbook lookups, even if the database being queried does not have ZIP-related info.
  • Automatic  search of multiple callbook databases from web, CD-ROM, and built-in callbook.
  • Background lookup of web callbook data. Continue to log while your computer waits for the web site to respond.
  • Batch update of name and address for imported data.
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