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LOGic 9 Annual Update Subscription FAQs

  1. Who is eligible for the LOGic 9 Annual Update Subscription?
    All LOGic 9 users are eligible for the annual update subscription.

    LOGic 9 includes a free one-year update subscription. If you purchased LOGic 9 before September 2015, you will need to purchase the annual update subscription to continue downloading updates. Click Help/About to check your license date. 

    LOGic 8 and previous users please upgrade to LOGic 9 here.
  2. What is the upgrade subscription price?
    The upgrade subscription price is $39 per year.
  3. What does the upadate subscription include?
    Subscribers may download all upates to LOGic for one year.  This includes new major and minor features, and updates to LOGic's data -- prefix table, calleign exceptions, QSL routes, etc.
  4. How do I install my new LOGic?
    When you renew your subscription, purchase an upgrade to LOGic 8 or precious versions, or order LOGic as a new customer,  you will receive via email a new installation of LOGic, including a new license file and an update to LOGic.  This update to LOGic features built-in updating. 

    When you receive the email, follow the link to install the new license file and update. Start LOGic, then click Help/Check for new updates.

    If your LOGic subscription license is still valid, you may download this update, then click on Help/Check for Updates to get the latest updates.
  5. How do I update LOGic?
    Run LOGic, and click Help/Check for Updates.
Click here to order the update subscription.
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