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new logic 10 and wsjtx interfacing
#1 Posted : Tuesday, May 24, 2022 6:15:46 PM(UTC)
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i have logic setup with 2 radios and all is well communicating to them in logic, i want to run wsjtx and have it log to logic with both radios. the issue im running into is when i run wsjtx and select my radio interface port i do not see a logic option therefore my wsjtx windows do not show the frequency.
how do i select logic as the radio interface similar to selecting ham radio deluxe or DXlabsuite so wsjtx will show correct frequency.
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#2 Posted : Wednesday, May 25, 2022 8:00:09 AM(UTC)

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I'll have to contact them about how I can send WSJT-X the frequency from LOGic. Or RTFM hihi.

Meantime, set WSJT-X up to interface directly to the radio. LOGic will still log the freq.

Also check out OmniRig. It will allow both programs to interface to the radio. At least I THINK WSJT-X supports omnirig.

Tnx & 73,

Dennis WN4AZY
#3 Posted : Thursday, May 26, 2022 10:10:11 AM(UTC)
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i was thinking and thought of interfacing logic to the 2 radios thru the USB com ports (since both radios have 2 options for comms) and then interfacing wsjtx to the serial port on one radio and the CIV on the other essentially having 4 comports for 2 radios.

what would be nice is to have a virtual comport that mirrors each rig connected to logic but manage the packets in such a way that each data stream is independant and not mirrored totally but only when data is requested or sent to/from each port.

I have tried various virtual setups but run into issues due to collisions of data when trying to use 2 virtual ports connected to a real port.

there seems to be no data management to prevent collisions, i have tried various settings of xon/xoff, hardware RTS/CTS all with varying results none of which
seem to make the connection reliable enough to use.

for instance if i am able to get the 2 rigs to communicate with logic and wsjtx at same time and then change frequency with logic a few times then wsjtx shows
it lost connection and vice versa.

the bad part is neither program will try and reestablish communication unless i click on something to acknowledge and reestablish it.

i have not found a managed serial switch anywhere and i dont know if its even possible since rs232 is a dumb type of communication and not designed for bus type comms.

where i worked back in the day we had something called seriplex which each device had an address such as can bus does but regular serial ports dont have that.

#4 Posted : Thursday, May 26, 2022 10:16:09 AM(UTC)
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my brain is working on this....

i was also thinking that an ethernet connection to each rig could be used somehow
but would need some sort of driver to mirror it as a com port.

#5 Posted : Thursday, May 26, 2022 3:45:23 PM(UTC)

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Maybe mimic what Win4IcomSuite does. It allows for 6 virtual radios (applications) to be connected via virtual serial ports using Com0Com. I have 4 rigs, 3 versions of Win4IcomSuite and 2 instances of WSJT-X all running concurrently with LOGic. I can control the rigs from any one of these applications, they all work flawlessly together. Win4Icom acts basically as the HUB for all the connections. See pics attached for a diagram of how simply this all interconnects. I seem to remember Dennis mentioning virtual serial ports awhile back but don't remember in what context it was.

Win4Icom Suite is a sophisticated rig control program costing $65 (one-time cost, no annual fee, upgrades free, run as many versions as you want). It includes a Spectrum Scope that's displayed on-screen. Its ability to act as a HUB and allow for virtual serial ports is priceless and solves the multiple radio to multiple application interconnection problem.

My setup is basically 4 rigs, IC-7300, IC-7610, IC-9700, and IC-705, 3 versions of Win4IcomSuites (IC-7300, IC-7610, IC-9700), 2 instances of WSJT-X (IC-7300, IC-9700) and LOGic. WSJT-X is decoding Digital modes on 6m (IC-7300) and 2m (IC-9700) while their respective spectrum scopes show the SSB portion of 6m and 2m....so concurrently decoding 2m and 6m digital while watching for 2m and 6m SSB activity, all while actively searching and logging ATNOS on the HF bands with the IC-7610. One other Win4Icom huge feature is it has its own Spot Log. If you're a Club Log user it processes your log against the spots and displays band/mode entities as confirmed/worked/needed. Color coded green confirmed, orange worked, yellow needed. Similar to but not as robust as LOGic's, however it displays spots right in the on-screen spectrum scope...freiking cool !! See my QRZ.com page for how this all looks spread across 3 monitors.

Maybe Dennis could incorporate some form of virtual serial ports and expand other possibilities using UDP for broadcasting/grabbing data. I also use an app called GridTracker. It interfaces with WSJT-X and you can initiate a QSO from inside GT and it will activate WSJT-X. GT has too many other features to mention here but it does read a log in adif format and has impressive screens displaying maps for awards tracking, like grids, states, DXCC, CQZ, ITUZ, etc.. GT could potentially interface to LOGic via UDP, Dennis would have to contact them to make that happen.

Geeze, we need a ZOOM meeting to share and brainstorm !!

Brad, K8ZM
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